PM Gaston Browne offers insightful advice to employees, for better life

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Antigua and Barbuda: Gaston Browne,Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda shared an advice with the employees on December 23, 2023 through a social media post.

The advice was originally shared by one of the certified motivational speaker and coach of the lifetime international business Organization. The advice presented all the required things to be done earlier to lead a better life.

Such advice highlighted building a home earlier which can be either rural or urban. Because, building a house at the age of 50 would be very impractical. Being stuck in government houses will lead to a darker side as the comfort is always dangerous. Having home at an early age would provide good times to the family.

Adding to it, one should not only work all the year and should also go home because family needs to be a priority. Working all year would only skip the happy times with family. Moreover, despite chasing promotions, one should always stay positive and stick to personal development.

Being focused on mastering the skills would lead towards success. 

Not only this, at the professional front as well, one should avoid all the office or work gossip. Also, one should stay away from the groups who backbite about bosses or colleagues. Lay a strict mark on competing with the boss because this will only burn the fingers. Also, the same applies to competing with employees, as this will only fry the brain.

Interestingly, one should think out of the box for the side business as being dependent on salary will not sustain the needs in the long run. Further, expending on luxuries from borrowed money is a foolish idea and rather, one should borrow a loan to invest in the business.

Making a balance between professional and personal life is very important. Also, being loyal to yourself and your work will offer many positive results. 

All in all, being focused on one’s own family and business has the potential to help individuals lead a better life.

George Henry
George Henry
George Henry, a distinguished graduate of Columbia University, pursued his passion in Economics with outstanding academic achievements. George found his calling in journalism, aiming to raise awareness regarding geopolitical and socioeconomic issues. He is recognized for having a keen interest in international geopolitics, sports and women's rights. To reach George, you can email


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