PM Drew wishes Dickon Mitchell, Grenada’s PM on completing 50 years of resilience

PM Drew extends wishes to Grenada on completing 50th anniversary, credits to PM Drew Facebook Page
PM Drew extends wishes to Grenada on completing 50th anniversary, credits to PM Drew Facebook Page

St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister, Terrance Drew extended congratulations to the Prime Minister of Grenada, Dickon Mitchell as the country turned 50 and celebrated its 50th Anniversary. 

PM Terrance Drew also outlined the theme, “One People, One Journey, One Future” under which Grenada celebrated its independence. Also, he appreciated Grenada for its sacrifices and achievements that made it possible to shape the country.

“As you reflect on the remarkable journey of the past five decades, I urge you to honor the sacrifices and achievements that have shaped Grenada into the vibrant nation it is today,” mentioned the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the theme under which Grenada is celebrating the anniversary. He mentioned that the theme delivers an idea of the authorities’ vision, stating the efforts of each individual towards the country’s success.

“One People, One Journey, One Future” encapsulates the shared vision, where every citizen contributes to the collective prosperity and well-being of the nation. It symbolizes the resilience of the Grenadian Spirit and the commitment to building a brighter future together.” quoted the PM.

Adding to it, he mentioned that this also signifies the commitment of the Grenadians towards building and committing to a brighter future for Grenada. Grenada completed half a century of resilience, unity and progress, this all is just the result of collaborative efforts of the people of Grenada.

Further, the Prime Minister extended his wishes and success to the country for the coming times. This also reflects the Prime Minister’s pure feelings towards other Caribbean Countries that can foster better relations.

“To our friends and partners in Grenada, may this milestone anniversary be a joyous celebration of achievements past and a launchpad for even great successes in the years ahead. “Happy Independence Day, Grenada,” wished the Prime Minister.