Grenada turns 50: Independence Princess flaunts dress signifying National Flag

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Grenada: The country, Grenada Turned 50 yesterday which is no less than a milestone. The country is filled with patriotism and the celebrations of Independence as it marks the Golden Jubilee. There is no doubt that the events and activities are held nationwide, however the love individually which the citizens have shown for their country is remarkable.

One adorable moment captured hearts- A cute little girl’s Photograph wearing a beautiful dress having all the colors which the National Flag of Grenada, featured by Grenada’s 50th Anniversary of Independence. This was the reshared post of Tonia Britton.

The glimpse is so adorable that it does not allow you to take your eyes off the photograph. The dress worn by her adorned with white, green, red and yellow color, which significantly are the colors in the National Flag of Grenada.

The flag consists of a diagonally divided field of yellow-green-yellow-green with a red border. Six yellow stars on the border and a star in the center is also in a red disk. At the hoist, it has a nutmeg symbol. 

Nutmeg at the flag is the symbol of the Island’s export and the richness of the country in spices. Nutmeg is one of the principal crops of Grenada, as well as connected with the representative name given to Grenada, “Isle of Spice.

The girl’s attire reveals complete patriotism; one of the citizens even referred to her as the “Independence Princess.” 

The country celebrated the milestone under the theme, “ One People, One Journey, One Future.” This directs towards the celebrations related to unity, resilience, and the promising path that lies ahead. And, the Independence Princess through her patriotic attire has presented the true epitome to it.

Such a presentation of the national flag through the dress signifies the historical values and love of their own nation, Grenada. This symbolizes the preservation of the national heritage of the country.

George Henry
George Henry
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