Pakistan: Viral video shows people crying amid food crisis

Pakistan: Viral video shows people crying amid food crisis

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Islamabad, Pakistan: Various videos from the Asian country of Pakistan have been doing rounds on social media after the country was hit by the outbreak of an unprecedented food crisis. In a video, a man is seen recording the situation in the country. During the video, the anonymous man can be heard saying that “the current crisis was a state-manufactured crisis”.

Furthermore, the man accused the politicians of Pakistan of negligence and mentioned that the crisis could have been prevented with timely action. This video has gone viral on social media after the nation witnessed one of the worst food shortages amid a fragile political situation.

The videographer has taken the platform for pointed out the carelessness of the government. He outlined that there were adequate grains, but it was the authority which failed in preempting the crisis, and everything was rotten before they could come to senses.

The social media of Pakistan is filled with such videos where the general public of the country is accusing the government are jostling for wheat, flour and other grains. Out of all, one video has gone viral at the international level. The video is from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan; it shows that the people are fighting for flour as a mini-truck has reached the province to distribute the packages. As the price of wheat has seen a sudden surge, costing PKR 160 per kilogram, incidents of chaos and stampede have increased.

The Asian country has been looking for global assistance during such a crucial hour, but the rebuilding of the country has still been reeling under the trail of destruction due to massive floods, which destroyed half of the country. Responding to this, around 40 countries and some private players, in collaboration with the United Nations, pledged over USD 9 billion in a donation to the country. This pledge was taken at the donor conference organised by the victim nation – Pakistan.

Prior to this, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, asked for USD 16 billion in assistance to assist Pakistan in rebuilding. In addition to this, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, has been visiting different countries to ask for more donations.