Pakistan: USGTA pleads to locate missing senior VP Raees Qureshi
Pakistan: USGTA pleads to locate missing senior VP Raees Qureshi || picture courtesy: google
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Islamabad, Pakistan: Office-holders for the United Sindh Goods Transport Association has pleaded with the Sindh Chief Minister and Governor Syed Murad Ali Shah to aid in the rescue of Raees Qureshi, the organisation’s senior vice president, who was apprehended by police on Thursday while wearing plain clothes, according to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper.

At a press conference held at the neighbourhood press club, Sajid Qureshi, Khalid Bandhani, Sher Mohammad Bandhani, and others claimed that Raees Qureshi was picked up by police at around one in the morning on April 6 and that it has been unknown where he is.

When recounting the events, Sajid Qureshi asserted that his brother was taken away by some individuals wearing civilian clothing and others wearing police uniforms.

Two police officers allegedly approached him and urged him to join them while Raees Qureshi employees were there, according to him. Raees was forced to board a double cabin car that was parked a ways away, Sajid added, according to Dawn.

He claimed that during the incident, a surf car, a double-cab Revo, and two police cars were parked outside Raees Qureshi’s workplace. Later, according to Sajid, he went to a number of police stations, but no one there was able to respond to his inquiry concerning his brother’s whereabouts adequately.

Sajid denied his brother’s involvement in the Mainpuri trafficking in response to an inquiry from the press.

In a protest against the alleged forced disappearance of Raees Qureshi, Sajid and the association’s office holders reportedly also conducted a demonstration outside the press club, according to Dawn. (ANI)