Pakistan: Khuzdar vehicle blast succumbs 2 people and injures seven

Pakistan: Khuzdar vehicle blast succumbs 2 people and injures seven

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Pakistan: In Khuzdar town on Tuesday, a strong magnetic explosive linked to a car killed two of its occupants and injured seven bystanders.

One of the dead was the little son of a Khuzdar journalist for Dawn Abdul Wahid Shahwani. Businessman Haji Amanullah was the other victim; his vehicle was attacked.

According to the authorities, the vehicle’s remote-controlled homemade device detonated when it was close to the Agha Sultan Ibrahim Chowk in the Do Talwar neighbourhood. A number of surrounding shops and buildings had their windows smashed by the strong explosion.

Ilyas Kibzai, a Khuzdar Deputy Commissioner, verified that the businessman and Shahwani’s son, Naveed Shahwani, 22, were among the fatalities. They were both riding in the car.

Officers from the Frontier Corps and the police arrived on the scene quickly and moved the injured and dead to the Khuzdar district hospital.

Hospital officials announced, “We have received two bodies and seven injured,” noting that the deceased had fatal wounds. At least three of the injured were transferred to Quetta for treatment because they were in severe condition.

In preparation for the convocation, Naveed Shahwani just graduated from the Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water, and Marine Sciences. He held one of the positions.

Shahwani was employed by Haji Amanullah, a well-known entrepreneur operating a solar panel installation company in Khuzdar.

Abdullah Zehri, Ali Ahmed, Shahzeb Ahmed, Sharifuddin, Mumtaz Ahmed, Imran Khan, and Mohammad Hanif were among the injured.

To find the offenders, security forces have started a search operation in and around the town of Khuzdar. The explosion’s cause was not immediately assigned to any specific person or organisation.

Interior Minister Mir Ziaullah Langove and Chief Minister of Balochistan Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo both strongly denounced the bombing and expressed grief over the fatalities and injuries.

In separate comments, they lamented the loss of Abdul Wahid Shahwani’s son and vowed to swiftly bring those responsible for the explosion to justice.

The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, an illegal organisation, has escalated its attacks since the government’s negotiations with them ended in November, mostly focusing on the police in KP and the areas bordering Afghanistan. Balochistan’s insurgents have also increased their violent actions.