Pakistan: Hindu girl kidnapped, forced to convert her religion to Islam in Sindh district
Pakistan: Hindu girl kidnapped, forced to convert her religion to Islam in Sindh district || Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Islamabad, Pakistan: In Sindh, Pakistan, a 17-year-old Hindu woman was abducted and converted to Islam. The child resided in Naukot, a district of Sindh province in Pakistan’s Mirpur Khas state. Her family claims that on February 15, the girl was abducted from the Naukot market, where she went with her younger brother to buy vegetables.

Her younger brother claimed that a resident of Umerkot named Rouf and two of his pals were making fun of the girl. When the siblings arrived at Naukot market on February 15, Rouf and his friends forcibly took the girl with them.

According to the girl’s father, Ramesh Bheel, the Naukot Police just placed entries in the missing persons’ database and did not file a formal complaint against Rouf and his associates.

According to Bheel, the police officers emphasised that she must have departed on her own accord with Rouf and that he should wait another week before filing a kidnapping case against the suspect.

The father was contacted by Naukot Police on February 19 and given a copy of the certificate, which was dated February 18, which said that the girl had converted to Islam of her own free will. The girl’s name has also changed as a result of the conversion, according to the police.

The girl “in a telephone call affirmed her conversion of Islam and said she wanted to dwell with Rouf’s family in SamandKhala, Umarkot,” according to Inspector Naukot Police Station.

The girl’s father is now concerned that he may never see her daughter again because, when she turns major in three months, she will have wed her kidnapper.

The government, human rights organisations, mainstream media, and social media platforms in Pakistan do not express any concern or attention regarding the abduction, forced conversion to Islam, or marriage of Hindu girls, the majority of whom are minors, to Muslims that continues unabatedly in Sindh and other parts of Pakistan.