Nevis Premier Mark Brantley raises question on NRP for politicising honorarium due to frontline workers

Nevis Premier Mark Brantley raises question on NRP for politicising honorarium due to frontline workers

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St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis and the leader of Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) Mark Brantley has recently once again targeted the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) through his social media account. He stated that he see the hopeless NRP is trying its best to politicise the honorarium due to frontline workers in Nevis. He thinks the timeline of events should help the general public.

On September 12, the Media reported that the Federal Cabinet had decided to pay an honorarium to frontline workers. This was repeated by PM Drew on October 4, 2022. However, there was NO decision or statement regarding the amount to be paid or who would be considered a “frontline worker” for payment, outlined the Premier.

He added, “On October 6, 2022, I held my press conference and indicated when asked that we had heard of the Federal Cabinet decision to pay the honorarium but had no details, and I had to check with the Prime Minister on the matter. I then indicated that I agreed that our Nevisian workers should also be recognised with an honorarium for their Herculean efforts during the Covid19 pandemic.”

“On October 20, 2022 the Media reported that the Federal Cabinet had finally determined 1, the amount of the honorarium ($2,000) and 2, the categories of persons who would be eligible. It was also reported that eligible frontline workers in St. Kitts would receive payment on October 21, 2022. This information had not been communicated to the NIA prior. So it would have been impossible for the NIA to compile lists of eligible workers in Nevis and arrange payment in 24 hours. I have since spoken with PM Drew, and that communication issue has been resolved,” Brantley’s message further read.

He also mentioned that as a result, the office of the Premier issued a Press Release that same day explaining this and giving the assurance that eligible workers in Nevis would also receive their honorarium as stipulated now that the amount and the category of qualified workers had been stated nationally.

“I am confident that the people of Nevis KNOW that in the CCM, they have the leadership they can always trust to secure their best interests. Therefore, please ignore the noise and the noisemakers to our eligible frontline workers. Your honorarium to say THANK YOU for your hard work during the Covid19 pandemic SHALL be paid to you as soon as lists are completed, and we shall shortly share information with you on this,” he concluded.