Nevis Premier Mark Brantley asks, “Does the NRP Leader live on Nevis?”

St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), Mark Brantley has once again taken social media to slam the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP). This time, he has pointed out latest commitment by the political party.

He mentioned that recently the NRP announced their very first commitment to the people of Nevis if they get elected. That commitment was to put in place an Emergency Medical Fund with established criteria to assist persons needing medical care.

This grand announcement made me stop and wonder if the NRP Leader and her team actually live in Nevis. Perhaps the leaders see when they come to politics from on high and have no record of mixing and mingling with the people of Nevis and no record of service, certain things you just don’t know about.

He added, “So let me enlighten the NRP Leader and tell her that an emergency fund to assist persons in urgent need of medical care who cannot afford such care already exists within the Ministry of Health. Criteria including means testing to access the fund already exists. Perhaps if she knew Nevisians and actually interacted with Nevisians she would know these things.

I am proud of the hundreds of persons this CCM led government has assisted over the years to access critical medical care. Many have had treatment abroad and still more have had treatment right here in Nevis.”

As per the leader, the CCM-led administration has offered a maximum of US$10,000 in assistance which has helped many who cannot afford care. Over the period 2015-2022 thus far the NIA has spent some $3,568,993 on direct medical assistance from that programme for persons who qualified. Of note is that even during the height of the ongoing Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021 when revenues to the NIA were almost non -existent, the government still put the medical care of our people first and spent almost $700,000 on this programme.

The people of Nevis and the many non nationals who call Nevis home understand fully that the CCM Party puts people first. People Matter Most is not just a catchy slogan. It defines how the Concerned Citizens Movement function as a Party and as a government dedicated to the upliftment of ALL who call Nevis home.

He added, “I am to hope as we go into this election that we will not hear from the NRP that they will build an IAAF certified Mondo Track or a state of the art police and fire station in New Castle or a water taxi pier to support the 100% Nevis owned water taxi business or roads in Brown Hill, Braziers, Butlers, Farms, Hanley’s Road, NewCastle or housing in Maddens, Hamilton, Craddock Road, Garners, Rices, Prospect or brand new ambulances at Alexandra hospital or a brand new Treasury Building or a beautiful leisure park at Pinney’s that they will name the Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park. You see all those are already done!”

Mark Brantley also attached the actual figures spent from this fund to assist persons over the past few years, which are:

Actual figures spent from this fund to assist persons over the past few years