Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley
Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley

St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis and former minister of foreign affairs and trade – Mark Brantley, recently took social media and explained why people of the twin-island Federation should choose Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).

Premier stated, “I believe as we seek the support of Nevisians to send us back to Basseterre to represent them, they are quite properly entitled to ask, “Why CCM”?

My simple answer is that you need only look at our record of representation thus far and how it augurs well for representation in the future, not only for Nevisians but also for the Federation.

This great CCM, the Party of Vance Amory, stood up against the might of the Labour/NRP Federal government when we were in opposition for the people of Nevis to be treated with dignity and respect and for Nevisians to receive their fair share of national assets. We joined Team Unity in 2015, but we did not abandon our fight because we were now in government. Our position for our beloved Nevis remained resolute. Whether in opposition or government, our position has remained unshakable; the people of Nevis demand the full fruits of their citizenship. No tyrant in Church Street will deny them that to which they are entitled.”

He further added that he believes that this consistency by CCM shows that the party represent leadership that you can trust. Leadership that is principled. Leadership that doesn’t forget why the people of Nevis elected CCM. Leadership that understands and holds sacrosanct the will of the people. Leadership that is strong, sincere and committed. Leadership that is fearless in standing for the people of our beloved Nevis.

Alexis Jeffers, in less than two years as a Federal Minister, has already started the revolution in Agriculture that he has led on Nevis. From the reopening of the Bayfords Farm to the introduction of night markets to the restoration of the Basseterre market to investment in shade house technology to assistance to our farmers and fishers, his team has provided the first serious attention to agriculture on St Kitts in decades.

In less than two years as a Federal Minister, Eric Evelyn has championed the cause of our environment from Charlestown to Basseterre to Antigua to Glasgow to Monaco. With one voice, I am certain that we could all acclaim his stellar command of the world stage at COP26 in Scotland as he made a case for all of us and our planet.

“I have, in the past seven years, ensured that our country, the smallest in the region, now has the number 1 passport in the entire Caribbean, well ahead of much bigger and more powerful countries globally. I have led the regional effort in relation to the Windrush scandal in the United Kingdom. I have widened and deepened our diplomatic footprint by adding 47 countries, many in Africa, with whom we now have diplomatic relations. I have strengthened partnerships with existing allies and found new allies for our country. I have vastly expanded the training opportunities for our youth globally through scholarships granted by allies. But for me, the most pride is that our country has not had a single diplomatic scandal in the past seven years. I worked tirelessly to restore the good name of St Kitts and Nevis as a reliable international actor,” he added.

“I believe that the people of Nevis and the wider Federation need experienced and knowledgeable leadership. Still, most of all, they need constant, steady, and principled leadership. Leadership is not about self and family and close friends but you. Leadership that understands duty and living out our creed of Country Above Self.

I humbly offer you Alexis Jeffers in Nevis 11, Eric Evelyn in Nevis 10 and Mark Brantley in Nevis 9 as the best team to represent Nevis in Basseterre at this unprecedented and difficult time in our history,” he concluded.