Nevis Department of Youth raises concern over mental health

Nevis Department of Youth raises concern over mental health

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St Kitts and Nevis: Department of Youth – Nevis has recently shared an update about mental health. Through social media, it appealed to the youth to participate in mental health awareness campaigns.

While prioritizing mental health, the department noted, “Become a mental health advocate by applying for this life-changing opportunity.” It added that “Mental health is a matter for all of us.”

Further, it stated that youth from the Caribbean region, aged from 15 to 24, are invited to become national volunteers for mental health. As per the update, the focal point of the department will be on looking for young leaders with a keen interest in boosting mental health awareness and taking action to prioritize child and youth mental health.

It also asked interested people to apply now. It was quoted saying, “To submit an application, hit the link in our bio, or visit:” The last day for applying will be May 31, 2023, at 12 midnight AST.

Accordingly, the benefits will be the following:

  • Certificates and training
  • Represent your nation and region
  • Attend regional and international symposia
  • Network and collaborate with fellow young advocates from the Caribbean

This Mental Health Awareness Month, UNICEF Eastern Caribbean and Let’s Unpack It are partnering to launch a region-wide National Mental Health Focal Points Network. “Be part of the change you want to see!” UNICEF noted on social media.

“We want to bring together driven, passionate young advocates and leaders from various corners of the Caribbean to discuss as well as develop initiatives to improve the mental health of a child and youth, represent the voice of Caribbean youth at regional and international conferences, and mobilize other children and youth to prioritize mental health and wellness,” it further stated.

It also added, “We’re looking for candidates who are currently living in one of the 17 Caribbean countries/territories listed on the application form; are 15-24 years old; have a keen interest in child/youth empowerment and mental health advocacy; and can commit 4-6 hours per month. Are you our ideal candidate?”