National Youth League calls for national cooperation amid COVID-19 outbreak

The National Youth League of the People's National Movement gives its fullest support to the position of the Prime Minister

Trinidad and Tobago: The National Youth League of the People’s National Movement gives its fullest support to the position of the Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley and by extension, to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, on the newly implemented measures to battle the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus.

These decisions, difficult as they are, have been and continue to be guided by the evidence produced by our nation’s epidemiological and public health professionals.

In light of the recorded rise in COVID-19 positive cases, the League welcomes the new measures placed in an effort to help thwart an almost overwhelmed parallel healthcare system. The decisive actions relate to a state of emergency and curfew implemented to help curb viral spread.

“We join with the national community to offer our deepest condolences and prayers to the families who would have suffered loss from this invisible enemy. Every life lost is our brother, our sister, our parent, our neighbour, or friend, our children, and we must do all that we can personally can to minimize spread and infection,” said National Youth League.

Similarly, the League also saluted the frontline workers for their patriotism, their demonstrated heroism and their bravery. “We commend the majority of citizens who have been trying their best to adhere to the established protocols as per the Public Health Ordinances.”

“We appeal to the general public to practice the proven methods shared to negate the spread of the virus, and in so doing, are considerate to the countless others who are susceptible to contracting the virus and/or poor clinical outcomes,” the NYL added.

“The astute leadership of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, has once again been key in navigating tumultuous waters- economic, social and public health challenges ushered in by the global pandemic. We are confident that his sound leadership and experience will guide us through this time in order to protect the lives of our citizenry.”

“This is a time for compassion camaraderie, and tremendous discipline. It is accepting our own personal responsibility that will ultimately take us together to the place we must and need to get to. We are all in this together. Let’s do this, T&T!”