Les Khan and Ying Jin of Caribbean Galaxy

MSR Media lodges RICO suit against Saint Lucian developer Caribbean Galaxy & others

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After the feud broke down between MSR Media and its Caribbean partners, the film production company’s owner Philippe Martinez has now filed a RICO suit against several individuals.

In a press release issued earlier on Friday, MSR Media reported that they filled the RICO in a US Federal court against Les Khan (CEO Of Caribbean Galaxy), and Ying Jin (Owner of Caribbean Galaxy), Claude Emmanuel – Head of CIP Saint Lucia, Caribbean Galaxy,  Timothy Harris Former Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Denzil Douglas Former Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis and Faron Lawrence.

The RICO suit by MSR Media shed light on the recent shortcutting of price on the citizenship by investment programmes by Caribbean Galaxy- A real estate firm managed by a businesswoman named Ying Jin.

The company (Caribbean Galaxy) which was already ousted by sister islands,  now manages several different projects across Saint Lucia and is also one of the a leading real estate developer as part of the island’s citizenship by investment programme.

In the RICO (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) suit, the MSR media has made it clear how the Caribbean Galaxy sold CBI applications at a discounted price.

While the CBI Programmes are generally being run to support local economies, however with the Caribbean Galaxy and Ying Jin’s involvement, the recent incidents showed how the money never actually reaches the local treasuries. The money, which is supposed to be utilized for the socio-economic causes in Saint Lucia is rather stored somewhere in offshore accounts of the Caribbean Galaxy.

Many are now seeking a legal investigation into the applications of CIP Saint Lucia processed by Caribbean Galaxy to examine where exactly the investment money went.

Reportedly, the applications were sold at prices much lower than the legal investment costs, and now it is up to the Saint Lucia Government to initiate a probe against the Caribbean Galaxy to figure out where exactly the investment money went.

Locals are seeking the Government to further investigate where exactly the investments were transferred, and also investigate the allegations that the amounts were transferred to Beijing- where Caribbean Galaxy holds its base. As per the law, the CIP investments are bound to be transferred into Government-authorized funds, but reportedly Caribbean Galaxy took the investments into their hands, and the amounts never reached their real destination. This is a serious violation of the law.

Now, following the registration of the case in the United States of America, it is suspected that a case will be registered on the Caribbean Galaxy in China as well for undertaking a massive fraud.