MSR Media issues legal notice against Timothy Harris, Les Khan, Ying Jin

MSR Media issues legal notice against Timothy Harris, Les Khan, Ying Jin

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The prominent individuals, including former Prime Minister, CIU head and big developers have been served a legal notice by Philippe Martinez, owner of MSR Media.

It has come to light that the legal notice included the big names including former Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, Lesslie Khan (Les Khan), the former head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), and Ying Jin, the CEO of Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation.

While describing the action, Martinez said that former PM Harris and his associates caused significant financial damages to his American investors, causing a serious situation in the investment community.

The accusation has shed light on the alleged fraud caused by ex-PM Timothy Harris, Les Khan and Ying Jin in the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. His action put the spotlight on the involvement of the trio in the misrepresentation and defamation of the integrity of the programme.

His claims suggested that these three people, during their tenure, have caused damage to the CBI Programme and devalued the legal worth of the CBI shares. Martinez pointed out that the trio has strategically set up a deceptive plot to sell the shares of various projects.

His accusations drew attention to a high-profile prison project in which the shares were sold at prices much lower than their actual value. The legal notice by the MSR media has brought the complex situation of the prison project to the forefront.

Martinez outlined that the government sold the CBI Programme at discounted prices with the help of Ying Jin at the time when St Kitts and Nevis was under the leadership of Former PM Harris and the CIU was under Les Khan.

In the legal notice, the trio has been informed about an ongoing analysis of their public statements by an investigation team in the United States. In the notice, MSR Media added that upon completion, the evidence will be shared to the authorities in the US and UK.

MSR Media’s Martinez said that former Prime Minister, with help of Les Khan and Ying Jin misrepresented the legal value of the CBI shares to MSR Media and American investors, claiming a value of US$200,000 while establishing a fraudulent network to sell shares of other projects at a fraction of their legal price, especially concerning the prison project.

There are rumours in the region that Phillipe Martinez has a video clip of Les Khan saying that he pays monies to St Lucia to get projects completed for the Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation. Les Khan has also admitted in the video that they have moved their operations in St Lucia and have financial arrangement with the CBI Ministry.

There have been multiple times when Martinez levelled allegations against Les Khan and Ying Jin on social media handles.

MSR Media notice further outlined that the investigation will not be restricted to local jurisdiction. He will fight the legal battle and put forth the evidence from the investigation in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The notice also added that they have been delivering all evidence of their fraudulent activities to the United States government for the past several months.

The closing down of the bank accounts across the Caribbean region of Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation, headed by Ying Jin, has added further fuel to the story. As per the report, the Corporation has shifted its financial operations to a bank account in Macau.

While causing the wind of suspicion, the shifting of any company based in the Caribbean to an Asian financial centre is unusual. It has also sparked scrutiny issues about the intentions and dealings of the company.

Notably, MSR Media and these three parties have been facing each other in a digital war of words. The war featured accusations and allegations between them, trying to expose each other in the court of public opinion.

The social media has converted into battlegrounds, featuring MSR Media and three parties involving claims and counterclaims. Philippe Martinez has hired Dwyer Astaphan to put forth his allegations in the public domain. As per reports, Astaphan is reportedly getting paid by Martinez.