Motorist stabbed by 33-year-old Jamaican; refuses help offered by accused

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St. James, Jamaica: A motorist was stabbed by a 33-year-old man for refusing to take the accused’s help to change a flat tyre. This incident is reported to have taken place along the Coral Gardens main road in the parish. 

The accused has been identified as 33-year-old Davian Phillips alias ‘Bredda’, resident of Grange Pen, Lilliput, St James. He has been charged with the offence of wounding with intent. The identity of the victim has not been revealed yet by the authorities.

As per the reports shared by the authorities of Coral Gardens Police Station, the victim was approached by Davian Phillips when he was stopped along the roadway in order to change his tyres. Subsequently, the accused offered help to the victim to which he declined to take help from Davian Phillips.

Therefore, Phillips allegedly proceeded to take out the knife and attacked the victim by inflicting several stab wounds on the man’s body. Following the incident, the authorities of Jamaica were informed about the crime scene and upon receiving the information, the authorities immediately responded to the matter by reaching the crime spot. 

The officers arrested Phillips and seized the knife with which the accused attacked the victim. The severely injured motorist was taken to the hospital where he was examined thoroughly by the doctors and is currently recovering. 

The charges on Davian Phillips were read on Sunday and the court date for his case has also been finalised where he has to answer all the questions of the magistrate for the offence he committed. 

Several residents of the Jamaica took to their official Facebook accounts and expressed their views and opinions on the news. 

One person with a Facebook account Stacy-Ann Buchanan commented “His intent could have never been to assist. He just wanted to get close enough to scope out the man and his vehicle and see what he could rob”.

Another person with a Facebook handle Anthony Forrest commented the following “Crime ad taken a different turn because he could never want to help! I wonder if he was carrying some grievance for that man for a long time?

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