MMCE’s contribution in Dominica’s dream project of International airport

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MMCE – Montreal Management Consultants Est. is a dynamic firm that has contributed a lot to the development of Dominica. It is assisting the country build climate-resilient infrastructures, including international airports, homes, community and health centres.

The construction company is helping Dominica built its most extensive ever structure, “International Airport”. The project will cost more than $900 million and will be capable of handling long-haul flights.

The construction of the airport has begun, and land has been cleared in Wesley. The construction agreement was signed between the – government of Dominica and MMCE on 9 June 2021.

The International Airport project is funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica. It is expected to complete in 5 years and will be constructed in five phases.

Dominica’s international airport.

The International Airport would be handling commercial and cargo flights from across the world.

Thousands of people are likely to get employment in the International Airport, both during and after its construction. This airport would eventually enhance the connectivity of Dominica with other nations across the globe.

Just a few months ago, Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit stated that this project would broader the economy of Dominica, enhance the tourism sector and provide to the island country’s growth and development.

The International Airport is a massive project for Dominica that will eventually open up various ways of progress. The Prime Minister has stated this as the dream project of Dominica.

For constructing this international airport, the Dominican government has acquired properties from various owners. Montreal Management Consultant has already commenced building residences for the families directly affected by the International Airport project. The construction of the houses for the families has been done on the – Joe Burton site in Wesley.

The MMCE is assisting Dominica in becoming the world’s first climate-resilient country as it is often hit by natural catastrophes. In 2017, about 90% of the infrastructure in Dominica was damaged due to category four Hurricane Maria.