South Africans seeking second citizenships to secure future

South Africans seeking second citizenships to secure future

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South Africans are seeking for second citizenship that would be a better way to secure their future and their children. While the South Africa has been undergoing many economic disbalance along with many physical harms to the lives. Due to long going COVID-19, lockdowns have worse the life of the people of South Africa and, moreover, the recent riots that have been turned into violent clashes between police and citizens of the country after the surrender of the former president.

The currency of South Africa had gone through dramatically plummet. This economic instability came due to the economic downturn due to the long going COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Due to these situations in the country, some rumours of a future wealth tax that could be used as a way of supporting government revenue that could negatively impact high net-worth and middle-class families. As such, a need for overseas accessibility to diversify wealth has become a key concern.

In these situations, global mobility is one of the best ways to secure the future of the family as well as the economic condition of the family. There has been visa-free access to 102 countries on the passport of South Africa. At this tie, those who had not been holding their additional citizenship have become extremely limited in their travel freedom.


Micha Emmett, CEO of CS Global Partners, an investment immigration firm, said that he had been concerned about the South Africans during this hard time. South Africans have been proud of their country, and most of them don’t want to leave their country, but what if they had too? They need to know what options they had available to them. If they don’t have access to another citizenship via ancestral descent, then a quick and easy route has been to invest in a second citizenship through a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, which would give them and their family a Plan B which, given the current climate, is vital.”

Under the CBI that has been a world-leading citizenship programme, families who would be passing the security checks would be getting citizenship between 90 days.

Along with Dominica’s Citizenship and its holder would travel to over 140 countries and territories and a safe home in a stable democracy.