Ministry of Tourism to enhance the infrastructure of Kalinago Territory and Dominica community attractions

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Roseau, Dominica: The Kalinago Territory and other community attractions of Dominica are to come up with the enhancements soon. Earlier this month, the Dominica Ministry of Tourism signed major contracts associated with this.

All the projects signed directly towards the expansion of the tourism sector in the country and projects of the efforts being put in by authorities for the development of the country. Considerably, the projects signed are:

  • The restoration of L’Escalier Tete Chien 
  • The upgrade of the Kalinago Banan Aute (KBA) waterfall site.

Under the upgradation of the KBA Waterfall site, the waterfall area will be revitalized, which will enhance accessibility, improve safety measures and increase aesthetic appeal. The KBA Waterfall site will remain as a center for community ceremonies and rituals, further cementing its status as a treasured community asset. The contract for the the upgradation of this project has been given to Richard Davis and is costed at $24,334.36

Moreover, another project, Restoration of L ‘Escalier Tete Chien restoration of L’Escalier Tete Chien is aimed at restoring one of the Kalinago Territory’s landmarks. This cherished landmark is so beautiful that it has all the power to grab the attention of visitors from all over the globe. The contract for the same has been given to Lyroy Williams, will cost $66,709.32

The Tourism Ministry of Dominica through such enhancements is making efforts to uplift the Island’s tourism infrastructure and the visitor experience. These projects are to contribute to the transformation of the landscape of tourism in the Kalinago Territory that will strengthen the livelihoods in the community.

Other projects that can support in the expansion of tourism in the country include the rehabilitation of Trafalgar Falls access steps, upgrades to washroom facilities at Emerald Pool, completion of the Caribantic building in Scott’s Head, upgrading the electricity supply at Titou Gorge, and the Indian River lighting project.

George Henry
George Henry
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