Meet Renesha Narine and Andrew Luke, trainees in BIT Guyana

Meet Renesha Narine and Andrew Luke, trainees in BIT Guyana

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Board of Industrial Training (BIT) of Guyana has recently introduced its trainees to the public of the nation. Earlier this week, BIT through the official social media informed about the two trainees – Renesha Narine and Andrew Luke.

As per the official update, Renesha Narine is a 19 years old of Linden, Region Ten. She is one of several females being trained in Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation (HDEO) by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

This training opportunity, on the other hand, was supported by her brother, who is a former BIT trainee and wanted his sister to share similar experiences as him to one day become employed. Her motivation for entering this challenging sector is simple: she wants to be her own boss and start a firm comparable to her family’s lumber and farm business.

The update further mentioned that before embarking on this remarkable plan, Narine informed BIT personnel that she needed to pursue her studies and obtain work in those fields to offer her the necessary expertise to move forward.

This involves using other government services, such as obtaining a loan from the Small Business Bureau (SBB), among other advantages.

For the time being, the 19-year-old has expressed gratitude to the Government for the opportunity and hopes that others will follow in her footsteps, the ministry outlined.

“Opportunities come and go, but when they do, seize them with all your might because many people are trying to participate in this same course and are not getting the chance,” she said, adding, “This is my first time applying for the course, and I am so grateful.”

Besides this, the ministry introduced forty-three-year-old Andrew Luke, who is a resident of Linden, Region Ten. He is the definition of establishing oneself as a multi-talented and multi-skilled individual to be employed.

According to the update, Luke currently possesses certification in Electrical Installation, Solar Photovoltaic Installation, and is pursuing certification in Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation at Linden Technical Institute (LTI) through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

His journey, on the other hand, began many years ago with the encouragement of friends and family, who encouraged him to take advantage of the free training programmes provided by BIT. He does not regret his decision because it has enabled him to develop his own construction business using the talents he has gathered over the years. “Through my business, I am able to do sheet rack foundation, among other things, but I have also wanted to be trained in heavy-duty equipment operation, but I never got the opportunity because there are so many people who want to do it, so when I got the call that I could finally participate in the training, I was overjoyed,” Luke explained.”

“I was and still am pleased,” he added.

He also hoped that by doing so, others will understand the significance of learning such a skill to continue making a livelihood.

Luke stated, “It is fortunate that the Board of Industrial Training exists, and as such, we need to take advantage of it.”