Since Hurricane Lee has become quite unpredictable, several Caribbean Islands are being placed under a high surf warning from tonight.

High Surf advisory and warning placed on Caribbean islands

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Since Hurricane Lee has become quite unpredictable, several Caribbean Islands are being placed under a high surf warning from tonight. This is being done as Hurricane Lee is in close proximity to the Caribbean islands and could have a drastic effect on the region if it draws closer to the region.

Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands have been placed under a high turf warning until Wednesday by The Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Service.

Northern coastlines, reefs, shallow, gentle to moderate sloping areas and nearshore areas are the most likely to be affected. According to the synopsis provided by the Meteorological Service, moderate long period swells are likely to impact the eastern and northern coastlines.

There is also a high threat level to life and property for people using the coast line with a high potential for extensive impact. These swells are expected to initiate life-threatening surfs and rip currents along the affected coastline.

The high surf warning is issued as dangerous battering surfs of over 3mts or over 10ft will affect some coastlines in the warning area. This will produce extremely hazardous conditions which citizens need to be vary of.

Seas (significant wave heights): 2.1 to 3.3 metres (7 to 11 feet), occasionally or locally reaching over 4 metres (near 14 feet).

Swells: East then North from Sunday at 2.1 to 3.0 metres (7 to 10 feet) and occasionally higher.

Surfs (breaking swells): Over 3 metres (over 10 feet). These conditions will be very conducive for dangerous rip currents.

Coastal flooding: High tides combined with onshore wind and swell actions will result in coastal flooding and beach erosion.

As a precautionary measure, the authorities have also asked citizens to refrain from entering the waters in the affected areas.

A similar high surf warning also is placed upon Monserrat and St Kitts and Nevis until Tuesday. A high surf advisory in this case means that dangerous surfs of 2 to 3 metres or 6 to 10 feet will affect some coastlines in the advisory area, producing hazardous conditions.

For Montserrat specifically, beachgoers at the Rendezvous, Little Bay and Carr’s Bay beaches have been asked to exercise extreme caution and bathe only where lifeguards are present or use the sheltered western areas.

The St Maarten Meteorological Department has also placed a high surf and small craft advisory which will remain in effect until further notice.

Close proximity to Hurricane Lee has caused increased moisture and instability which is likely to cause rainfall and thunderstorms across the local area. Waves up to 10ft, rough seas and northerly swells generated by Hurricane Lee are likely to affect the regional waters through the weekend.

Swimmers have been asked to stay out of the waters and small craft operators have been put on high alert to guard against loss of life and property. The eastern and northern coasts of the of the island are also at risk of experiencing beach erosion.

A special warning from the National Weather Service‘s 3 Day forecast stated that Hurricane Lee is likely to generate hazardous boating and beaching conditions from this weekend onwards and extend into next week producing rough conditions and life-threatening rip currents in the Turk and Caicos islands.

Again, boats are advised to stay in ports and beachgoers have been asked to stay out of the waters till next week tentatively.

To top that off, heat indices are expected to hit the mid to upper 90s, due to which the authorities have advised citizens to remain hydrated, avoid outdoor activities or strenuous work and take frequent breaks during this period.

Hence it is imperative that the citizens which are in these affected areas and crafts and businesses in the area as well, make sure that they are careful in this regard and follow the guidelines to the best of their abilities.