Caribbean Airlines invites visitors to travel to Suriname
Caribbean Airlines invites visitors to travel to Suriname || Picture Courtesy: Caribbean Airlines (Facebook)
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Paramaribo, Suriname: The Caribbean Airlines has been inviting the travel enthusiasts to visit Suriname and enjoy the beauty and charm of the island nation.

The Airlines briefed about the top three things to do while visiting to Suriname.

Caribbean Airlines took social media to welcome the beauty lover to the Caribbean island. The social media post noted, “Welcome Home to Suriname’s beauty and charm! Our journey begins with these top 3 things to do, but we can’t wait to hear your suggestions!”

Along with this, Airlines shared a flyer which shared the brief of the activities which one must not forget to experience during his/ her visit to Suriname.

The top three thing to do are:

1. Visit the famous Saint-Peter-and-Paul Basilica of Paramaribo
2. Stroll around in Brownsberg Nature Park
3. Go bird watching

Suriname – a beautiful destination

It is worth highlighting that Suriname, country lying on the northern coast of South America, is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries of the world. The breath taking locations with ultimate natural splendour is on the bucket list of almost every traveller.

Suriname is regarded to be one of most loved destination is the fact that it is one of the last countries globally with largely virgin rainforests and savannas. Accordingly, people who love to research and are interested in adventurous tourists, cruises, Suriname is considered to be an ideal location.

The nation is strategically location with Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the south, French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the West. The official language spoken in the nation is Dutch but the capital city – Paramaribo, is majorly influenced by the European culture.

Suriname is roughly divided into 10 districts and approximately 30 percent of the area of the nation has been considered as ‘protected area’. The nature reserves of Suriname, make it a location offering breathtaking and unspoilt beauty.

Along with this, Suriname is also home to pristine beaches where visitors can enjoy seeing river dolphins and can also take in the mangrove forests that are plentifully located at the edge of the ocean.