Guyana gets doctors' quarter in compound of Shulinab Health Centre

Guyana gets doctors’ quarter in compound of Shulinab Health Centre

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Government and the Ministry of Health of Guyana continue to put efforts towards the betterment of Guyanese doctors and healthcare staff. On September 10, 2023, the Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, commissioned a newly constructed doctors’ quarter in the compound of the Shulinab Health Centre, located in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo).

According to the update shared by the Ministry, with the government’s commitment to improve service delivery and access to health care across Guyana, this $7M quarter will be the home to doctors who will be attached to the community to provide medical services to the residents in the community and surrounding areas.

During his brief remarks, Minister Anthony stated that with good working and living conditions within the hinterland communities, it would be easier to retain doctors and other staff who would have moved to the area.

In closing, Dr Anthony noted that the Ministry is working closely with NDMA to establish connectivity sites across the hinterland regions.

“We’ve been working closely with the NDMA, that’s under the Prime Minister’s office, and they will be giving us fifty (50) sites for the interior of Guyana to upgrade the connectivity”, he stated.

Furthermore, remarks were also shared by the Regional Health Officer, who outlined that the government has plans to start construction work of a Cottage Hospital for the Shulinab Village.

Moreover, Regional Health Officer Dr Cerdel McWatt, while delivering his brief remarks, disclosed, “Within the 2024 budget projections, it caters for the development of a seven-quarter staff complex along with the construction of a Cottage Hospital for the Shulinab Village.”

The Ministry further mentioned that among those present were Indigenous Hinterland Coordinator, Mr Michael Gouveia; Regional Chairman, Mr Bryan Allicock; and Coordinator of the Pharmacy Assistant Programme, Mr Sunil Singh, among other officials.

This upliftment and development work by the government and health ministry of Guyana was lauded and praised by the general public and medical staff. Some termed it as “Good work,” while some stated that the “Guyanese government is working effortlessly for growth of the medical sector”.