London Protest: Farmers ask ‘Khalistan’ supporters to keep away

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London: There is no doubt that anti-Indian extremists were present in London protest rally on Sunday morning, sloganeering “Khalistan Zindabad” (Long Live Khalistan), especially appearance of NIA’s most wanted Paramjeet Singh Pamma at London protests set a fire on social media platforms. But, behind the scene is an entirely different story.

In a widespread protest to support Indian Farmers against new farm laws, London was choked out for several hours as thousands of supporters tried to reach outside of Indian High Commission in London. According to intelligence input, total crowd gatherings were over 20,000 people, and most of them were not even able to reach the destination due to overcrowding and were sitting in their cars only.

Indian High Commission issued a statement following the demonstration stating that it was expected and termed it clear that the gathering was led by separatists who had taken the opportunity of the farmers to protest in India to persuade their anti-India agenda. The statement is partially correct as there were some people seen on the ground zero holding Khalistan flags and shouting slogans, but the count of those few accounted about 1% or 2% of the whole crowd.

Paramjeet Singh Pamma
Paramjeet Singh Pamma

Surprisingly, the majority of protestors displayed resentment against supporters of Khalistan and other members of separatists’ movements. It noteworthy to mention that Pamma is on the NIA’ most-wanted list and has been living in the United Kingdom since a long period. A resident of the UK, Pamma is accused of militant activities including conspiracy to explosions in Patiala and Ambala in India.

Recently, as many as 36 British lawmakers had written to Foreign Secretary, Dominc Raab to make communication with Indian counterpart of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar about the impact of Punjabis and Sikhs living in the UK. They are linked with Indian land and soil amid enormous protest in India.

A protestor, Onkar Singh Dhillion who was there at the protesting site on Sunday said that they would not tolerate the Khalistani slogans and denounce the presence of people who are trying to derail the protest by giving it name of Khalistan. The protest it about Kisans (Farmers) and people of India to roll back the new farm laws which is their right under a democratic structure of India.

Another farm rooted non-residential Indian, Gurdeep Singh Bahia said that farmers are peacekeepers, “It’s been more than two months now that farmers are agitating against the government and not even a single damage has been reported to public or private property all across the world, especially New Delhi.”

A resident of London, Joginder Singh Johal, said that the farm bill introduced by the Indian government does not allow the farmer to approach the honourable court. If there is a dispute, SDM will decide on that, and in case the decision is unacceptable the farmer must reach out to Joint Secretary of Central Government.

“Imagine a 2-acre farmer putting a fight with Corporations with legal departments in front of SDM, OR by travelling to Delhi to approach Joint Secretary,” he added.

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