Romania: exit polls show Democrats and Liberals in level pegged race

Romania Elections
Romania Elections

Romania: Romania’s legislative election showed too close to call, with exit polls published Sunday night revealing a dead-heat among the administrative liberals and the left-wing opposition.

Whereas Prime Minister Ludovic Orban claimed triumph for his centre-right National Liberal Party (PNL) notwithstanding the close call, added poll survey revealed the left-wing Social Democrats (PSD) getting a slim edge.


“Communications to make a majority … won’t be hard … this country requires a government as quickly as possible,” Orban told followers, reckoning that his party had four possible alliance partners to create a majority.

1 exit poll put PNL at 32%, with the PSD collecting 28%. Another election exit poll displayed a strange result, placing the PSD, who have ruled Romanian politics since the fall of socialism in 1989, ahead at 30.5%. The PNL was set to grow by 29%.

Arising in third place in both polls with 16% was the progressive USR-PLUS Alliance, a mix of pro-EU technocrats and social justice and anti-corruption workers/activists.

The initial official results are expected to be published later on Sunday evening.

Notwithstanding problem with the coronavirus pandemic response, Orban has expanded support for the PNL by promising to modernize the nation and keep a “pro-European” path.

Low voter turnout


Above 18 million Romanians were qualified to vote, although output fell to historic lows in part due to interests over becoming contaminated with the covid-19.

Polling stations asked voters to wear masks, keep social distancing and sanitize their hands — but no additional virus cares were put in position.

By Sunday evening, only a part of those who were qualified to vote had cast their votes, according to data issued by Romania’s Central Election Bureau.

The data put citizen turnout at 33%, a historic low for a governmental election in the nation. It is quite shocking for everyone living in Romania.