Know Here: Barbados Govt suggest earthquake-related precautionary measures

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Barbados: The government of Barbados has shared the preventive measures that should be followed by the citizens during the time of natural calamities, such as earthquakes.

While informing about the precautions to be followed BEFORE EARTHQUAKE are –

Know the Hazards: Familiarize yourself with earthquake hazards in your area.

Know the Evacuation Area: Check the nearest route going to the identified evacuation area.

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit: Try to make it accessible at all times.

Participate During Drills: Regularly practise the evacuation procedure.

The Government of Barbados has also asked the citizens to learn how to use the First-Aid Kit, Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, Switching off Waterlines, Gas Tanks, and Circuit Breaker. It has also urged to prepare the house and workplace.

While sharing precautionary instructions to be followed DURING EARTHQUAKE, the government notification informed the citizens to RESPONSE during the shaking. It further stated to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON.

The Barbadian government further suggested the people of the region stay in a safer part of the room or building.

STAY CALM and ALERT, watch out for falling objects – glass windows, shelves, cabinets, and other heavy objects that may cause injury.

It further said that if you are outside, move to an open area and if you are near shore, move quickly to higher grounds.

It has also been said to move away from steep slopes. It added that if you are inside STOP, try not to cross bridges, overpasses, or flyovers if you are driving a vehicle.

While informing about POST-EARTHQUAKE precautionary measures, it asked the public to evacuate as soon as the shaking stops to take the fastest and safest way out.

It further informed to be updated and monitor the situation from the radio. The government further suggested checking the injuries at yourself and others.

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