Joeboy while performing at World Creole Music Festival 2023

Joeboy performed at World Creole Music Festival 2023 despite illness

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Joeboy, the Nigerian Afrobeat star, overcame illness to perform at the World Creole Music Festival 2023 at the Windsor Park Stadium in Dominica.

Joeboy took to the stage at around 4 am and he gave an enthralling performance for a large crowd. Even though there was an unexpected and sudden fall of rain, all his fans came to be a part of his debut performance at the music festival in Dominica.

He performed a mixture of his old and latest hits for the audience at the music festival.

After his remarkable performance, he spoke to the media, saying that he was “honoured” to be a part of this festival, performing for such a captivating and receptive crowd.

He appreciated the crowd for being so supportive despite his performance getting delayed because he had to receive medical attention.

Joeboy praised the Caribbean nation, calling it a beautiful destination. It was truly an honour and a blessing for him to perform for such an exciting crowd and at such a huge festival.

He also spoke about his journey, about how he started from the city of Lagos with a small studio and the way music has helped him cross borders and oceans to connect with his brothers and sisters in Dominica.

On May 13, he had a performance at the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, but his DJ cursed on the stage, due to which his performance was unexpectedly cut off.

This was the second time Joeboy got a chance to perform in the Caribbean nation, but it was the first time he actually got the chance to perform because last time he couldn’t deliver what he wanted to.

Highlighting his experience, the last time, he added that it was very unfortunate that he couldn’t perform and that things didn’t work out the way he wanted them to.

He mentioned that he is very grateful that he got the chance to perform once again in the Caribbean.

For the natives of St Lucia, those who were expecting Joeboy to perform, they will not have to wait for it much longer as the “Wetin Be Love” singer has promised that he will be back with a bang the following year.