JDF bursts claims of a social media post stating the force purchased new equipment

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Jamaica: The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has stated the social media posts that went viral wrong, which alleges that JDF has purchased new equipment recently. 

Bursting the inappropriate social media posts claims, the officials of JDF, in a statement, cited that, “We have purchased no such equipment.” Besides this, the Defence force has also urged people to be responsible in what they share on social media.

JDF stated that “The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) advises the public that the social media posts that are currently in circulation regarding a shipment of military equipment, as a purchase made by the force, are false.” 

Following the statement, it stated that “The JDF has not made a purchase of the vehicles shown in the circulating video. The organ is by force not aware of the origin of the post and dissociates itself from this video or any material related to it.”\

“The JDF reminds everyone to act responsibly and verify all information before sharing. We thank the public for the opportunity to provide clarity on this matter,” the statement further reads. 

About JDF –

Jamaica Defence Force is the combined military of Jamaica, which consists of an infantry Regiment and – Reserve Corps, – an Air Wing, a Coast Guard fleet and – a supporting Engineering Unit.

The JDF is based upon the – British military model, with a similar organisation, training, weapons, including the traditions. 

Once selected, officer candidates are then sent to one of several British or Canadian basic officer courses, ‘depending upon the arm of their service’. 

After that, the enlisted soldiers are then given basic training at the – JDF Training Depot Newcastle. As based on the British model, – NCOs are given numerous levels of professional training as they get promotions. 

In addition, the military schools are available for speciality training in Canada, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.