Jamaican police arrests suspect promptly following the murder of Enrico Chambers

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: The police officials of Westmoreland took instant action and apprehended the 18-year-old suspect soon after the occurrence of the incident. It is to be noted the suspect, along with one more occupant, has been charged with the offence of killing 19-year-old Enrico Chambers. Jamaican police are attempting to find the other suspect. 

As per the information, the victim, who has been identified as Enrico Chambers alias ‘Rico’, a farmer in the Broughton district in the community, was sitting on his sister’s verandah when both the suspects were seen walking past the house. Subsequently, a heated argument was initiated between all three, resulting in the murder of the victim.

Notably, the suspect took machetes in hand and allegedly attacked Enrico Chambers. The victim tried to run away from them, but the suspect chased him and inflicted several chop wounds on Enrico Chambers’s body.

After this incident, the victim collapsed under an ackee tree. Therefore, he was taken to the hospital by residents of the community, where he was pronounced dead by doctors on duty.

While sharing details on the other suspect, Commander for Little London and Negril police division, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Shaunjaye Mitchell, stated, “A manhunt is now underway for the second suspect who is still at large. We’re still looking for the second person involved in the murder.”

Along with that, a Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Western, Morland Wilson, expressed his condolences on the demise of 19-year-old Enrico Chambers. He also made an appeal to the citizens to share the information with the authorities if they have any about the other suspect.

The citizens of Jamaica reacted to this matter and shared their views through their social media accounts. One person with a Facebook handle, Rob Klash, commented the following: “The things we feed to the mind are slowly becoming a reality in present-day Jamaica. We must put our youths in institutions once certain undesirable behaviour presents itself.”

Another person with a Facebook account, Marvin Blakes AC Blake, commented the following: “There is likely more to the story, but despite that and whatever they did before the altercation, this didn’t warrant this type of cruel act.”

The Jamaican authorities have assured that they will take stringent measures to get the other suspect arrested for the offence he committed.

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