Jamaican 26-year-old farmer killed his 45-year-old uncle, netizens express anger

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St Ann, Jamaica: A 26-year-old farmer was charged with the offence of killing his 45-year-old uncle. The cause behind his offence has not been revealed yet but he is under custody and will be presented in the court before the magistrate to answer the reason behind his actions. 

The victim has been identified as Tyrone Brown alias Paul, a farmer of Cowley district in the Parish and the accused has been identified as Nicholas Thompson alias ‘Gabba.’ 

As per the reports shared by the authorities, the accused, Thompson, visited his uncle Brown on his farm in the said area. On reaching there, the accused took a machete and chopped Brown several times. 

According to the details, the authorities were informed about the incident and they took immediate action by reaching the crime spot. Upon reaching there, the officers found Brown with multiple chop wounds. Subsequently, he was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors on duty examined him thoroughly and later pronounced him dead. 

Moreover, the authorities conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and arrested Thompson. He was charged following the question-and-answer session in the presence of the attorney. He will also be presented before the magistrate but according to the authorities, his date to appear in the court has not been finalised. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and shared their concerns about family members being enemies of each other. They have expressed their views and opinions on the incident and have extended condolences.

One person with a Facebook account Daz D Dow commented “So so sad to see family killing family I wouldn’t dream of me hurting none of the family or anyone for that matter, but family supposed to love and protect the family.”

Another person commented the following “This is so disturbing and hurting, how can someone kill his own family member, may that person’s soul rest in peace, feeling bad for today’s young generation who doesn’t even know how to respect their elders.”

The residents have asked the authorities to give harsh punishment to the accused so that in future no other person could think of doing such criminal activity. They have also requested the administration of the nation to conduct such classes and workshops in order to provide guidance to the younger generation. Along with the citizens have also pleaded the administration to implement stringent policies and plans in order to tackle the increasing crime rates occurring in the country.  

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