Jamaica to experience heavy rain for next 12 hrs.

Jamaica to experience heavy rain for next 12 hrs.

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Jamaica was affected by Tropical Storm Grace with heavy rain and gusty winds on Tuesday. Grace caused floodings in many areas of Haiti. This created a struggling situation on the island to dealt with the drastic aftermaths of the earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday. The deaths have constantly been inclining.

Romayne Robinson, a meteorologist with the Meteorological Service of Jamaica, gave a statement in which he said that he expects that the bad weather condition would be continuously challenging for the coming 12hrs. It would be a good idea for everybody to stay put and ride out the storm.

Many videos and photographs surfaced on social media showed that many trees had been downed, the roads have been flooded, and many major highways and ways in Kingston are blocked, which is making Jmaiacans to get home and halted the movements on the island.

Yankee Paul Junior, 21, a tax collector who was stranded in Jamaica’s eastern parish of St. Thomas, said, “A whole heap of water is on the road. Trees are broken down, and the place a flood-out. I’m stuck, and I want to go work.”

The Miami-based NHC said tropical storm conditions were spreading over Jamaica. The country’s meteorological service said between four and six inches of rain could fall, which risked causing major flooding and landslides.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness, along with the Port Authority of Jamaica, have been working together to work jointly on the protocols and measures that would make the safe resumption of cruise operations to the island possible. Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated.

PM Holness said that they were expecting to had cruise shipping return to Jamaica very soon with strict protocols that might enable persons who had their livelihoods interrupted by the pandemic to have some hope and, at the same time, with the changes of the protocols, ensure that no life would be lost because of complacency and carelessness.