Ministry of Education gives maintenance grant of amount $150,000 to each school: Jamaica

Ministry of Education gives maintenance grant of amount $150,000 to each school: Jamaica

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For 2021-2022, an academic year amount of $4.3 billion has been allocated to primary, all-age, and junior high schools. These funds are supposed to distribute in 4 tranches, out of which the amount of the first tranch has been paid in June 2021.

According to the statements given by The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information, they said that maintenance grant of amount $150,000 would be received by each school, a janitorial grant of $250,000 and an internet-telephone grant of $60,000

An amount of $300,000 per anum will be given to all those infant-primary level institutions with an enrollment of fewer than 120 students. The central Ministry highlighted that they would be providing a grant with the amount of $2,500 per student, which will be paid directly.

The Ministry also stated that they would be giving a grant of amount $1.7 billion for the Programme of The Advancement Through Health and Education. Students would be given $120 per day for those who are studying in the 1st and 2nd grades. An amount of $150 would be given to the students in the 4th – 6th grades.

A sum of $600 million would be given to those institutions that are in need to get of repair. These are primarily primary-level institutions. These schools have already been advised about this, and procurement activities are in progress.

In addition, staffing support for cooks in select schools will be supported in the amount of $300 million at a rate of $300,000 per school, and $80 million has been budgeted for the Rural Transportation Programme.

The Ministry would also provide the amount of $76 million. As an apprenticeship to some primary-level institutions.

Under the Scheme of National Textbook Loan and the Primary Textbook Programme, educational resources valued at $800 million, including electronic tools, will be available to students.

The Education Ministry will continue to provide tablets for students on PATH in grades one to six and other vulnerable students through the Own Your Own Device (OYOD) and ‘One Laptop or Tablet Per Child’ initiatives.