Jamaica to develop digital COVID vaccination card by December

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Health Minister of Jamaica – Dr Christopher Tufton, announced that the Jamaican government is planning to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination card, which is expected to be available for Jamaicans by December this year.

Many cases were reported in the island country where the ministry was receiving several reports about the selling of fake COVID-19 vaccine cards, after which the health ministry saw the need for a digital verification system.

The other reason that was stated by the Minister is that major nations such as – United States and the United Kingdom issuing vaccine requirements for international travellers were noted as another reason for the document.

The Health Minister cited that, “We have seen several cases of people allegedly having fake COVID-19 vaccine cards, & we have heard anecdotes around the cost, and which is becoming a challenge.”

Following the statement, he cited that, “The announcement in other jurisdictions that COVID-19 vaccination is going to be needed for visitors does require, as part of the infrastructure, a card which is going to be universally accepted & validated and where the possibility of fraudulently producing a card is minimized if not totally eliminated.”

This digital card will be similar to a passport that has digital readings and is recognized globally.

“It should take the form of a QR code and will be securely encrypted. Persons will be able to print their QR codes as well as have hit available digitally via SMS and e-mail,” the health minister noted.

The Jamaican government is currently working with – UNICEF, and other international partners, to create the vaccine passport.

The Health Minister then noted that the passports would be modelled off those used in – Canada, European Union, the United Kingdom, & the United States. Vaccinated Jamaicans who now have the paper vaccine card will have them replaced with its digital version.