Jamaica: Police constable sustains serious injuries while averting robbery in St Andrew

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Kingston, Jamaica: A police constable sustained serious injuries on his body while trying to control the situation during a robbery at a business establishment along Constant Spring Road in St Andrew.

The incident took place on Wednesday, at around 11:20 am when the constable went to the store. During this time, the store was attacked by armed robbers.

According to the report, when the robbers observed the rank, they pointed their guns towards the constable. The report further stated that both sides opened fire. It is alleged that one bullet hit the police officer.

In a meanwhile, the robbers managed to escape the place. Following the incident, the matter was reported to the police and the investigating officers responded to the case.

The police revealed that the store owner was also stabbed during the incident, due to which he was taken to the medical facility for treatment. When the officers investigated the store, it was suspected that one of the robbers had also been injured by a gunshot.

It is to be noted that during the investigation, it was found that a woman was also involved in the robbery. The officials executed an intensive search for the woman, who was said to be connected to other recent robberies.

The authorities urged the general public with any information to record their statement by calling at Crime Stop, police emergency number, the NIB Tip Line at 811 or the nearest police station.

Noting this, the people across the region expressed their concern for the police constable, who is undergoing a treatment. Some of the comments on social media (Facebook) read as,

“Praying for speedy recovery. It seem like he was in his uniform. Father God I pray for your courage and protection over these police officers and soldiers”, commented one.

“Robbery dem tun up ones and ones just have to be careful and look out ah dem eye and be very observant of your surroundings”, quoted another user.

Apart from this, the people of Jamaica are definitely living a life of fear. In a country where attackers can attack a police officer, the condition of the general public can be easily imagined. The authorities are urged to take strict actions against such criminal activities before the country pays a heavy price.

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