3 Jamaicans arrested and charged with multiple offences of robbery

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Manchester, Jamaica: Three men were arrested and charged with multiple offences of robbery committed by them on Sunday at a bar in the district of Fine Grass in Manchester. 

The accused were charged with three charges which include, robbery with aggravation, unauthorised possession of ammunition and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The suspects have been identified as 19-year-old Shamar Foster alias ‘TJ’, resident of Ballynure District, 23-year-old construction worker Jovaun Levy alias ‘Joo’, resident of Sedburg in Manchester and Osani Tulloch alias ‘Sanie’, resident of Shields Bush.

As per the reports shared by the authorities, two out of three accused entered the bar and robbed several items. The items include three poker machines with a value of over $2 million, a large amount of cash, cell phones and liquor. The men were possessing a firearm and a crowbar while they were stealing the items. 

After committing the robbery, the men made a good escape to the vehicle, the Toyota Voxy motor car which was waiting outside the bar. 

Subsequently, the investigating officers stopped the gateway car along the Sedburg main road in the parish. On stopping the vehicle, they held a search of the car and found two cellular phones. Following the information revealed by the men, the authorities led to an abandoned building in the Hopewell community. 

When the authorities reached there, they discovered a 9mm pistol with a magazine containing three rounds along with that they also recovered a few of the stolen properties. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and opinions on the incident. They also appreciated the authorities for their quick efforts and for taking action against the suspects. 

One person commented “God’s job officer, keep up with this spirit and continue to make such efforts in order to reduce the crime rate. Officers should be quick in order crime activities as well.”

Another person commented the following “Doesn’t matter how big a person commits a crime, if he is guilty, he should be punished, people should be given punishment for what they do.”

The residents also highlighted the nation’s increasing crime activity and requested the administration implement policies and laws that can significantly reduce crime rates and activities. 

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