Jamaica PM Holness announces, section of Harbour View highway to be opened for traffic

Jamaica PM Holness announces, section of Harbour View highway to be opened for traffic

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, shared good news with the general public of the Caribbean country. As per the update by the PM, the Grants Pen and Mezgar section of the Harbour View highway will be open for vehicular traffic shortly.

Prime Minister Holness took to social media to share this news and expressed that he is extremely glad while informing the public about this new development.

He mentioned, “For the residents and the motoring public travelling from Harbour View along the new highway being built, I have good news!”

Prime Minister of Jamaica further stated that the section of the highway between Grants Pen and Mezgar would be open to vehicular traffic.

In addition to this, he shared the numerous benefits of this route. PM Andrew Holness stated that the beginning of this route will:

✅Cut travel time and
✅Improve the convenience of the motoring public.
Before this opening, motorists had to drive a longer, more winding and uncomfortable route.
✅ Progress is being made on the project. We are working apace to have it completed in the shortest possible time.

While concluding this, he thanked the general public for their patience and corporation during the construction of this new highway road. “I know you have been inconvenienced by the construction, and I want to thank you for your patience and understanding,” he expressed through his social media account.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness further shared a glimpse of the construction site and stated, “However, as you can see from the images of the area displayed, the works are significant in magnitude and scope.”

PM Andrew Holness further conveyed, “The ultimate beneficiary will be you, so please continue to pardon our Progress. We are building Jamaica.”