PM Andrew Holness counts the accomplishments of the Jamaica Labour Party

PM Andrew Holness counts the accomplishments of Jamaica Labour Party

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Kingston, Jamaica: Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness has recently shared the accomplishments registered by Jamaica Labour Party. He outlined that the Jamaican government has been focused on providing growth and development to the country and its people.

The Prime Minister took his official social media and counted the efforts of the Jamaican administration.

The social media post mentioned, “In our journey towards transformation, let us not be swayed by distractions or the allure of taking the easy path, but instead, remain focused on our mission and dismiss those who seek to divide us with their factious nature.”

According to the post shared by PM Andrew Holness, this Jamaica Labour Party Government has registered.

The highest growth
The lowest inflation
The lowest unemployment
The largest increase in the personal income of Jamaicans.
These are indisputable facts.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica noted that after decades of struggling with a debt crisis and paying as high as 60 per cent of the budget to debt service. He further highlighted that under the leadership of this new Jamaica Labour Party Government, the authorities are now seeing the dividends of a reduced debt servicing burden of 28 per cent and the financial space it creates to increase expenditure on social investments in the areas of:




National security




Social welfare