Jamaica: One cousin stabs the other to death following a dispute

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St Elizabeth, Jamaica: A 23-year-old suspect has been charged with using a sharp object to stab his cousin to death following an altercation between the two. The incident is reported to have taken place on 17th April 2024.

The suspect has been identified as Romane Deenwell, alias ‘Chineyman’, resident of Donegal district, Brighton in the parish and the victim has been identified s 22-year-old construction workerOnandi Bell, otherwise called Nandi”, resident of Compton district.

As per the details shared by the officers, both the suspect and the victim got into a heated argument. Following their dispute, the suspect, Romane Deenwell, lost his calm and took out a sharp instrument that he used for stabbing his cousin. 

Subsequently, the body of the victim was transported to the hospital, where the doctors on duty examined him thoroughly and pronounced him dead. 

The authorities have arrested and charged Deenwell for the offense of killing his cousin. The reason behind their dispute has not been revealed yet by the officers. 

Following the incident, the residents of the community flooded the social media with their views and opinions on the crime. They have also expressed their concern on family disputes which is playing a huge role in increasing crime rate of the country. 

One person with a Facebook handle commented, “Very sad detail of the incident, why own family members are killing each other, they should maintain some peace and harmony and solve their family disputes verbally.”

Another person commented the following: “Feeling extremely bad for the other cousin, every cousin’s fight, but why are they making such a huge issue out of it and literally taking a life away.”

The authorities of Jamaica have also asked the residents of the community to resolve their disputes with a calm mind by taking the help of their loved ones. They have also ensured the citizens that they are formulating policies and plans with a vision to curb the increasing crime activity in the nation, ensuring the safety and security of every citizen. 

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