Jamaica Defence Force member killed accidentally by co-worker

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Kingston, Jamaica: A member of the Jamaica Defence Force Reserve was killed in an accidental shooting by his co-worker. It is to be noted that the incident took place on Tuesday near the Beryllium Blake Lane headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. 

The victim has been identified as Kevon Hunter, who was working as the Beryllium security guard and was shot to death in the chest by an employee working in the same security company.

As per the information shared by the authorities, the victim was moving towards the vehicle in order to open the door for the employee. Meanwhile, the co-worker, who was already in the process of carrying a Glock pistol, was trying to close the door of the vehicle when his finger mistakenly caught on the trigger of the firearm, resulting in the bullet fire. 

Subsequently, the victim, Hunter, was taken to Kingston Public Hospital, where he was examined thoroughly by the doctors and was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment. 

Moreover, the company shared its views and said that it is trying its best to assist the police officers in its investigation. It also extended condolences to the friends and family of the deceased. The authorities have also ensured that they will investigate the matter properly and will prevail justice for the deceased. 

Various residents of the community also took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and doubts on the news. 

One person, while raising doubts and queries, commented, “Trying to holster a gun? Finger accidentally pulled the trigger? Did round discharge hit in the chest? The hoster is on the waist, so this sounds strange. If a firearm accidentally goes off when trying to holster it, how does the bullet reach the chest?”

“Even a child would come up with a better lie. Condolences to the family and friends of this gentleman” wrote Joan Thompson. 

Another person with a Facebook account, Oneil A Atkinson, commented the following: “So one was trying to open a door, and the other was trying to close a door and holster the weapon at the same time? Now make that make sense; that doesn’t sound like no accident.”

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