Jamaica: Cashier charged in case of fraud, fails to deposit $900,000

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: A woman, employed as a cashier, charged with larceny as a servant, as the suspect failed to hand over $900,000 which she was asked to deposit into a bank account.  

The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Crestida Lewis alias ‘Tanya’, resident of New Building District, Naine, Westmoreland. It is to be reported that the suspect has also been featured on the JCF Wanted Wednesday campaign with her initial name of Tanya Lewis. 

As per the details shared by the authorities, Tanya was a cashier at a business establishment in the parish. She was given $900,000 to deposit into an account, however, she did not make the deposit and failed to hand over the cash. 

Moreover, the authorities of Jamaica stated that they tried their best to catch her on several occasions but all their efforts went in vain. 

After being listed on the Jamaica Constabulary Force Wanted Wednesday campaign, Tanya surrendered herself to the officers. Following her apprehension, she has been scheduled to appear before the magistrate at the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court on Tuesday, 23rd April. 

The residents of the community flooded the social media accounts with their opinions and views on the incident. One person commented “So stupid of that lady, Surely, she must have known they were going to arrest her. How did she think she was going to get away with that? What was her plan.”

Another person commented the following “Such foolish activity by that woman, what was she up to, what did she think of herself. Stupidity is at its best level.”

Moreover, such crime activities in the nation have become very common, therefore, the citizens have urged the administration to implement stringent measures with the motive to curb the increasing crime rates of the nation. 

The authorities have also ensured that they are conducting such exercises and operations which will play a key role in reducing crime rates and ensuring the safety and security of every citizen of the nation. 

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