Jamaica: 6 people shot in an event, 1 dies

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Kingston, Jamaica: The crime is at its peak in Jamaica, engraving fears in people’s minds. On Thursday night, six individuals were gunned down in Accompong, out of which one died, leaving others wounded.

The incident took place in the Maroon village in the late evening of Thursday. As per the source in the police, a 6-year-old little girl was also among the ones who received bullets.

The injured were taken to the hospital, where one of them was declared dead by the Doctor. From sources, so it has been known that the shooting happened following an altercation at an event being held in the community.

The police’s Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU), demonstrating the incident, informed that the people were rushing from the area at the time when the police officers reported at the crime scene.

As per the police authorities on Wednesday, they issued a warning that people should not attend the annual event in Accompong, as it is in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), but still, people went to attend it.

The identity of the deceased and other injured has yet not been revealed. It is also not known that whether the police authorities will take any strict action against the one who hosted and attended the event even after the warning issued by the police officials. Although, an investigation has already been commenced by the Jamaican police.