Jamaica: 41-year-old lady arrested for stealing child from mother in wheelchair

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Kingston, Jamaica: A 41-year-old woman resident of Oxford Street, Kingston charged for kidnapping an infant from the compound of the Victoria Jubilee Maternity Hospital. The mother was reported to be in a wheelchair when the kidnapper stole the baby from her. 

The victim has been identified as Sushana Greenfield, who committed the offence on Monday and was charged the next day. The newborn is an 11-day-old baby girl who is identified as Kimoya Robe. 

As per the details, the accused, Sushana Greenfield approached the infant’s mother, Christina Blake, who was in a wheelchair. She asked the mother to hand over the child so that she could take care of the baby. 

According to reports, the mother had gone to the hospital for treatment and after the treatment was completed, the child was with the mother while the father had gone to buy some food items.

Thereafter, Greenfield refused to return the baby back to her mother and left with Kimoya Robe. The mother of the infant tried to stop that lady but she left with the baby and did not come back. 

As soon as the officers received the news, they acted on the information immediately and went to North Humber Land Lane, Kingston. On reaching there, they found both the victim and the little baby girl and took action against the accused by arresting her. 

The baby was reported to be found in the community of Dunkirk in East Kingston. Moreover, the date for the court hearing has been finalised, and soon, strict action will be taken against the lady for the offence of stealing the child. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their concern about the incident

One person with a Facebook account Angella Pecco commented “Innocent children have no idea what has taken place with her the Almighty will take care of her and her parents.”

Another person with a Facebook handle Kimloy Gouldborne commented the following “I wonder what was going on in this lady’s mind maybe she doesn’t have a child or children of her own stealing isn’t the right way.”

“Such a sweet baby. So glad she’s been reunited with her parents,” wrote Sonia Moss. 

The residents have also lauded the authorities for their immediate action and for helping the lady in getting reunited with her baby. 

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