Jamaica: Second Murder reported in Geneva, Grange Hill, culprit unidentified

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: A 49-year-old man sitting on a bike was shot to death in Geneva, Grange Hill on Saturday. This incident is reported to be the second murder case that took place in the same area over the weekend. 

The victim has been identified as Anthony Smith, a carpenter from the community. According to the details, Smith drove to Rory Street and stopped his purple Cobra motorcycle at a section of the roadway in front of a board shop. 

As per the reports, he was sitting in his vehicle that sometime later, an explosion occurred and residents of the community found Smith beside his motorcycle lying on his right side. 

The police officials were informed immediately and when the authorities reached the area, they discovered Smith with wounds created by several gunshots to his head and upper body. 

Upon checking his condition, the victim was taken to the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital where the doctors on duty examined him thoroughly and pronounced him dead. 

The suspect has not been caught yet by the authorities but the officials have promised to conduct the proper investigation into the matter to find out the culprit and punish him/her for the offence he/she committed. Along with that, the officials of Jamaica have also ensured that they will try their best to prevail justice for the victim. 

Several residents of the community took to their official social media accounts and extended condolences to the deceased and expressed their views and opinions on the news. 

One person commented, “Westmoreland again, one time all we knew about Grange Hill, it is so sad news, this shows that how people are so unsafe.”

Another person with a Facebook handle Karlene Tee commented the following “At the rate at which they are killing people out there the population is going to rapidly decline.”

Another person wrote, “This is so disturbing news; authorities need to take strict action against such an increasing rate of crimes.”

Such incidents highlight the need to implement strict actions with the vision to curb the increasing crime rates. The increase in the number of criminal activities makes it difficult for the residents of the island nation to live safely and securely. 

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