Crime in Jamaica: 14 year-old hangs herself to ceiling, gunman brutally shot man

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Kingston, Jamaica: Another incident of murder has been reported by the police authorities, where a gunman shot a man down in the restaurant on Friday.

The police reports revealed that on December 17, 2021, shortly after 7 pm, a gunman arrived, got into the restaurant where the man was sitting, after which he brutally shot down the man several times.

The victims‘ identity has not yet been identified, but he belongs to Lititz District, a community on the Manchester – St. Elizabeth border.

The police officers arrived at the crime scene and are investigating the murder. Apart from this, no further information has not yet been provided by the authorities.

In another incident, a 14-year-old girl Rihanna Campbell, a student of Innswood High School in St Catherine, committed suicide at her residence in Cook’s Pen in St Catherine on Friday afternoon.

She hung herself to the ceiling. The girl’s family members discovered the hanging body, who then immediately informed the police authorities.

The authorities have commenced the investigation. Meanwhile, the family of Campbell is in shock and are unable to find a reason that forced a little girl to take this big step.

From the past month, Jamaica has seen a massive increase in murder and violence cases, resulting in enriching the island’s crime rate. The government is making some promising efforts to curb these rising crimes, imposing a state of emergency in the regions where most criminal activities are recorded.

With this, Prime Minister Andre Holness asked the police authorities, making them in charge of taking any action they want to decrease and control the criminals and crime while assuring the general public’s safety.