Jamaican shopkeeper arrested for allegedly chopping man over vehicle incident

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Kingston, Jamaica: The police have arrested a shopkeeper in Manchester and charged him with ‘wounded with intent’ after he allegedly chopped up a man who had hit his vehicle unknowingly. The victim is currently in hospital and is undergoing treatment.

As per reports, the suspect was identified as 53-year-old Sachmo Green, a shopkeeper. He is a resident of Waltham, Jamaica’s youngest parish. The incident took place last Thursday in Bonito Heights. 

The department of police in Mandeville revealed that a man (victim) and his girlfriend were involved in an argument. Their dispute reached such a level that a victim tried to hit his girlfriend with a stone, which directly hit Green’s vehicle. 

A 53-year-old was busted with anger, and he reportedly went to the police division to register a formal report against the man to the police officers. 

If sources are to be believed, it is believed that after filing a report, Green returned to the location and allegedly attacked the man. The sufferer imposed multiple chop wounds on his body. 

The people across the area reached the scene and immediately took the injured man to the hospital for treatment. The report further stated that his condition was critical, and he is currently undergoing treatment. 

The matter was reported to the police, and the investigating officers responded and arrived at the crime scene. Upon arrival, they arrested Green, and he was charged with the offense. He is taken into police custody, and his court date is yet to be finalized. 

The citizens doubted the situation, and they believed that Green attacked the man in self-defense. “Was it self-defense! Respect people’s property. 2 hot heads”, commented one. While replying to the comment, another person wrote, “That can’t be self-defense because he went and reported the matter, they went back and chopped up the man.”

Some people expressed their frustration regarding the matter. One of the comments read, “Some people think that they have sense, so why reporting it to the police and then chop up the man after? The police should just lock you up.”

The authorities are urged to take strict against such crimes as they risk the security and safety of the citizens. People are definitely living in a state of fear as they are experiencing the crimes on every alternate day. Quick and immediate actions are needed to combat the rise of crimes in the country. 

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