I’ve full confidence in team at Finance Ministry, expresses new Minister Dennis Cornwall

I’ve full confidence in team at Finance Ministry, expresses new Minister Dennis Cornwall

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St George’s, Grenada: The government of Grenada has elected a new Minister of Finance, Dennis Cornwall, who has expressed full confidence in the team at the Ministry of Finance to execute the transformational agenda of the current government led by PM Dickon Mitchell.

According to the update by the government of Grenada, speaking at his first staff meeting as Minister for Finance, Cornwall highlighted the importance of healthy working conditions towards enhanced performance and assured staff members that his first priority, as Minister, is to ensure that the working conditions are suitable.

“I encourage staff to continue to work diligently while management endeavours to address the challenges,” Minister Cornwall said.

Minister of Finance and Permanent Secretary Mike Sylvester assured the staff that the process should not be lengthy, given that systems are already in place. The estimated completion date is June 2023.

Gleaning from the lessons taught by the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister Cornwall indicated his Ministry’s plans to utilise information technology (IT) services to ensure some officers can work from home, thereby minimising the need for expensive alternative accommodations while the building is being renovated, the update informed.

The new Finance Minister also highlighted the importance of data security and efficiency as paramount importance.

Among the matters under consideration for improved working conditions are: –


  • The Ministry is in the process of relocating staff to other areas to restore the current building into an energy-efficient Financial Complex under a project funded by the World Bank.
  • This will ensure that the working environment is healthier and safer for staff.

Human Resource Matters:

  • The Ministry, in collaboration with the Department of Public Administration (DPA) and the Public Service Commission (PSC), is putting all procedures and requirements in place to expedite the regularisation of officers who are acting in genuinely vacant positions for a significant period of time.
  • Arrangements are also being explored for officers working in substantive positions who have not been adequately compensated, among other human resource matters.
  • Minister Cornwall thanked the staff for their commitment, despite the challenging working conditions and indicated that he eagerly looks forward to working with all employees to carry out the Ministry’s mandate.