Irini Karipidis of Amani Swiss committs $1.8M worth medical supplies to aid Ukraine

Irini Karipidis of Amani Swiss committs $1.8M worth medical supplies to aid Ukraine

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In a strong display of support, Amani Swiss, in partnership with Coherus Biosciences and Direct Relief, has announced a $1.8 million donation of specialized medical supplies for Ukraine.

The donation aims to provide vital assistance to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and those affected by acute radiation syndrome in Ukraine. The announcement was made by Amani Swiss’ President at an event on Thursday at the Porto Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki Greece.

The President and Managing Director of Amani Swiss, Ms. Irini Karipidis referred to the donation as a practical support for the Ukrainian people in the time of need.

She also emphasized the commitment to stand with Ukraine during these challenging times, acknowledging the hardships faced by the country’s people due to the ongoing crisis.

“Thousands of people in Ukraine have died including both civilians and soldiers, while thousands were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in other countries. At the same time critical infrastructure is destroyed and basic state services are barely functioning, there is no magic wand to take back time and make things as they were in February 2022 before the Russian invasion but it is our duty and sincere goal to give and provide as much as we can to support the people,” said Irini Karipidis.

The event was also attended by Ukraine’s Ambassador to Greece,  Shoutenko Sergii, and the Consul General of Ukraine in Thessaloniki,  Sabluk Vadim.

Ambassador Shoutenko Sergii expressed gratitude for the solidarity shown by Amani Swiss, Coherus Biosciences, and Direct Relief. He highlighted Ukraine’s unwavering determination in the face of adversity, thanking all contributors for their valuable medical supplies.

“Every day Ukraine resists to bloody and open aggression of Russia. Ukrainians all across the world demonstrate resilience and unity in the face of a common threat to the security and the values we protected for centuries,” said Sergii.

“Despite Moscow’s attempts to erase use from the map we continue to fight until the territory of Ukraine is restored in its internationally recognized borders. We are fighting not only for our territory and independence but we are fighting for democratic values and the rule of law,” said Ambassador Shoutenko Sergii.

Furthermore Ambassador added that Ukraine is grateful to Greece for the the continuous support and assistance. He also expressed gratitude for the Aris Football Club, Amani Swiss, Coherus Biosciences and Direct Relief. He also acknowledged the efforts of President Aris Irni Karipidi for donation of the medical supplies.

The joint effort by these organizations reflects a global alliance to provide practical support to Ukrainian patients, reinforcing the shared values of empathy and unity during this critical period.