President of Aris FC Irini Karypidis meets with US Congresswoman to discuss wide range of issues
President of Aris FC Irini Karypidis meets with US Congresswoman to discuss wide range of issues
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Washington DC, the United States: Irini Karipidis, the founder of HETCO and President Aris football club (Aris FC) met with Nicole Malliotakis, the US Congresswoman. The meeting was hosted in the US Congress.

As per the sources, during this meeting, wide issues were discussed.

Reportedly, Malliotakis and Karipidis assured each other to extend full support and promised economic development and stringent growth trends in Greece. It is worth noting that US Congresswoman highlighted the importance of the fight against violence, racism and anti-semitism and how the organisations like ARIS FC and HETCO play the role of catalysts in this fight.

The owner of Aris football club Karipidis expressed her gratitude as she met with the Congresswoman US. Following the meeting, she commented that they both have pledged to work for the betterment of their respected and beloved nation and will take it to new heights of growth and prosperity. She was quoted saying, “Our meeting gave us a chance to talk more about these important issues and find more ways to help Greece grow and prosper, which is something we both care about. I’m excited to keep working together for our beloved country.”

About Irini Karypidis:

Irini Karypidis is the first president and managing director of a huge Greek sports football company, PAE Aris FC. She is known to be an active and multifaceted personality as, together with her brother, they founded the company – Karipidis Bros Co in 2001, which had a significant turnover in production.

In addition to this, Karipidis is the president of the non-profit organisation Hellenic Trade Council. The company works to attract companies from the markets of China, the United States of America and Israel.

Besides this, she participated in the forum of the World Jewish Congress earlier this year in the month of March. This conference was a platform which gathered the officials of the leading football organisations. The major topic discussed was the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The council was regarded as an action that is part of what it describes as “imperative” for any company like Aris FC with a strong social and cultural background and which must stand against violence, racism and anti-Semitism.

Aris FC working to encourage Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The United Nations certification under the Football for the Goals initiative has been earned by the renowned Super League Club – Aris FC. The Football Club has distinguished itself within the global sustainability scene.

The Aris FC has adopted the initiative to support and encourage the objectives. Football for the Goals is an innovative initiative headed by the United Nations. The initiative is solely responsible for advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the power of football.

Aris FC has been certified for their sustainable practices, showing that they care about the environment and making a positive impact. This recognition proves that the club is dedicated to things like protecting nature, promoting fairness, and helping people in need. It sets a great example for other football clubs to follow.

“We are really happy to get this certification,” said Irini Karipidis, the President of Aris FC. She added, “It shows that our hard work to support the SDGs is paying off. We promise to use our influence to make a real difference in our community and around the world.”

About US Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis:

Nicole Malliotakis is a 42-year-old American politician. She has been serving as the representative of the United States for New York’s 11th congressional district since the year 2021. She is one of the only two Republicans to represent any region of New York City in Congress.

She represents – Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn.

It is worth noting that she is among the fourth Republicans who were elected officials in New York City. Out of the four, the remaining three have been serving on the New York City Council. She gained the position after defeating incumbent Representative Max Rose in the year 2020.

Additionally, she was also nominated for the position of mayor of New York City during the 2017 elections.