First-ever Hindu-American Summit held at US Capitol Hill

First-ever Hindu-American Summit held at US Capitol Hill

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Washington DC, United States: For the first time, a group of Indian Americans is organizing a Hindu-American Summit at the US Capitol Hill on June 14. The purpose of this summit is to draw attention to the issues faced by the Hindu community and engage with lawmakers on political matters.

Romesh Japra, the founder and chairman of American4Hindus, stated that this event marks a significant milestone as it brings together Hindu-American leaders and organizations for the first time. He emphasized that while the Hindu community has been active in cultural, social, economic, religious, and spiritual activities, they have been lagging behind in political engagement.

Despite producing great academics, scientists, and physicians, we have not been able to replicate the same level of success in politics.

Romesh Japra, speaking to ANI (India’s news agency), mentioned that it is the first time Hindu-American leaders and various organizations are coming together, with 130 individuals representing 20 different organizations. The summit aims to inspire these leaders to actively engage in politics and encourage the participation of the younger generation.

Prominent figures like Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the United States, and several representatives will join the summit to provide support and motivation. Romesh Japra also expressed excitement about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to the United States in June, acknowledging his efforts in putting India on the global stage.

“It is really encouraging for us to see what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has achieved on the world stage. As Hindu-Americans and Indian Americans living right here in America, we should strive to accomplish even more,” Japra emphasized.

The Hindu-American Summit, organized by the newly formed Americans4Hindus Political Action Committee (PAC) in collaboration with over 20 other diaspora organizations, will take place at the US Capitol. Its purpose is to highlight the issues faced by the Hindu community and bring them to the attention of lawmakers.

The event will be attended by approximately 130 Indian American leaders representing 20 Hindu and Indian organizations from various states such as Florida, New York, Boston, Texas, Chicago, and California. In addition to US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, several other Congressional leaders from both the Democratic and Republican parties are scheduled to speak at the conference.