HelpAWS welcomes Jade, asks public to adopt

HelpAWS welcomes Jade, asks public to adopt

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the dog shelter organisation of Saint Lucia, recently welcomed a little pup – Jade, who was in shock and confused as he was unsure of his future.

“Imagine being rejected by your family, suddenly packed up in a box, whisked into a car, and spending what seems like an eternity whipping down winding roads to finally get to this big new place full of other dogs and weird smells and new people,” the organisation expressed while introducing the dog to the world.

It added, “This is how Jade arrived to us, likely confused and in shock, unsure of what may be next for her.”

The social media post by HelpAWS further stated the fortunately, once she realized she was getting fed four times a day and had toys to play with her siblings, she started to think this new move wasn’t so bad.

The animal welfare organisation also mentioned that she’s been enjoying sunbathing with her bestie Lulu and playing with whatever ball she can get her mouth on. She is often found chilling in the yard basking in the sun but will happily join in for a fun round of play when called on by her friends.

This sweet snow-white girl is getting bigger, and we are starting to wonder why she hasn’t had any interest. She has the most-lovely personality that would suit almost any household, and we just want her to get there to bring on the joy we know she can.

It added that so don’t pass this ivory beauty by; she will be a welcome addition to any home!

Moreover, the dog welfare shelter asked the general public to support and adopt the little puppies, giving them a safe and sound forever home. “If you or someone you know is looking, please apply to adopt Jade via If you can’t adopt, please share so others can see the many, many pups in our care, including Jade, who need to find their forever person,” it quoted.