Haitian President decries nation's deadlocks

Haitian President decries nation’s deadlocks

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Haiti: President of Haiti Jovenel Moise notified the UN Security Council on Monday that ‘democracy was doing well in Haiti’ notwithstanding its ongoing political deadlock, an affirmation challenged by the United States, which called on him to swiftly put an end to his era of ‘rule by decree.’

Prez has been ruling by decree for a year as there currently is no parliament, and only a third of its senators are in service. Legislative elections due in 2018 were delayed.

Moise also maintains that his term lasts until February 2022 — but the opposition debates it should have ended two weeks ago. It even created chaos in the country, but there is no end to it.

He added, “At the base of all this, there is a rejection of the democratic government and of elections as the only means of access to the administration of the affairs of the state.”

Jeffrey De Laurentis, the acting US ambassador to the UN, demanded “the need to bring the current era of rule by decree to a swift conclusion.”

He stated that “We urge the administration of Haiti to hold overdue legislative elections as soon as possible in order to restore the parliament’s lawful role.”

On the other hand, Prez Moise made so many promises that can bring a revolution to the era of the nation.

In Prez’s recent tweet, he wrote, “If we have turned our backs on the dictatorship to embrace democracy as a political regime, we owe it to ourselves to submit to all its demands. The election is one of the fundamental rules of democracy. An elected must be replaced by another elected. #Haiti.”

Furthermore, Haiti’s Prez added, “The organization of elections at all levels in 2021 with a view to ensuring democratic alternation will indeed be an opportunity to decisively advance the process of democratization in Haiti.”

Prez of Haiti tweeted, “They hindered, by violence, for nearly three years, the regular functioning of the Senate. They set up the “peyi lòk.” They have tried seven times to brutally interrupt constitutional order. So many dangers that threaten our fragile democracy.”

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